About Us

About US

In the year of 2004, as Sales Engineer of automation field, We always tried to persuade the customer to change the PLC/HMI from Siemens to Mitsubishi, or from Omron to Siemens, in order to make a deal. These customers produced kinds of automation machines which can be used for producing shoes, furniture, plastic shell, beer and etc., they sold these machines all over the world.

There are lots of competitions, so we worked very hard to make a living. China market is very special, in most condition, customers' choice not depends on quality, price, but relationship, rebate, so we cost much time to "service" these customers, but only get little profit. Drinking deep in the midnight, helping customers move, pick up customers’ children,..is our work too, We tried our best, but only can make a living. For an original PLC which price is $220, but we can only earn $5, and it's based on hard working for the customers, including shipping, installing, programming, and machine tested, and even pick up customers’ children from school.

 "We must change, for a more self respecting life!" We started thinking, on a rainy night, when one customer insulted us in public.   We wanted to get more profit, because we worked so hard. We discussed with the sales of well-known brand distributor, in order to get more profit. "No, No, you have no choice, you can only get little profit, because the end user choose the brand, not choose you, well-known brand factory earn 40% profit, distributor earn 10% profit, but you only earn 2% profit!" We was deeply shocked, We come with university degree, and We are engineer, and we worked hard, but worthless.

 After a sleepless night, We borrowed money from all our friends and finally collected USD $10000,we started to produce PLC, but soon we found that the money is too little to produce PLC, so we worked harder and harder, we got second job as PLC teacher at an evening class, and the third job as a part time courier and etc.. Many times, we slept in the street, station, KFC, instead of at home, because of too tired. After a year of hard work, We produced out the first PLC model: EM221, the quality is very good, many small automation company chose our product, it's full compatible with original PLC, and become more and more popular day by day.

It's a big success, soon we produced out the second, third model EM222 and EM223, which have been sold well too. Then, we earned some money, so we employed two employees, and quitted our second and third job.  

Legal Risk. Our success brought with the risk of legal dispute from well-known brand company who is the biggest automation in Germany. As only five people small company, we could ill afford the multifarious expenses of legal dispute, the well-known automation company spent much money on it, so it should be unfair legal disputes. Finally, We gave up, because we wanted to spend the money on producing products, but not litigating. We cancelled our first company: Replaced Automation Co., Ltd. So we could only take the business as underground trade in this two years.

 In the year of 2006, We collected enough money, and faced the litigation, but finally lost the case. in 2007, the Court of Appeal overruled this decision. This is a great inspiration.

Grow Up

Since the year of 2007, We has started to produce industrial Power supply, Sensors, Cables, HMIs and IPC, more and more customers choose our products. During these times, the company named: Courage Automation Co., Ltd. We used all our money and leased a factory building in Dujiang Dam City, everything is going in the right direction.

2008.5.12 Earthquake

The new factory suffered the earthquake on 2008.5.12, We lost most of our money, so we had to lend from the bank.

We chose a new city, We setup his new factory building in this city, where will never suffer earthquake.

OEM Business

Since the year of 2009, We has started to produce automation products for many automation companies, and there are many automation brands in the market, but many of them are produced by our  factory. Since the year of 2010, Wehas started to produce Inverters, Servo drives/Motor and Steppers. Industry 4.0 has become more and more popular, We collected all our money and expanded into the a new field: Robot, in the year of 2014.


We would  like to work as a different automation factory, and leave most profit to my resellers, no matter how big resellers or small resellers, because the end users chose them, not me, I hope we will never act as an well-known brand."

Original Business

With the continual development of the company, we also have achieve a great sale of original well-known brands products, Such as Siemens, AB, ABB, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Proface, Kinco,Omron,GE and etc. A very mature relationship has been established. So we can provide One-stop service for our customers.   

2022 Annual Meeting of Overseas Sales Department


2022 Annual Meeting of Overseas Sales Department


2022 Annual Meeting of Overseas Sales Department